Faculty of Education

The establishment of the "Teacher Training School in Agriculture Udon Thani" which now becomes Udon Thani Rajabhat University (UDRU) on November 1, 1923 was also claimed the origin of the Faculty of Education.

However, it was not until 1975 - under the approval of the "Teacher College Act"- that the Faculty was re-established on its own right as the "Faculty of Education" of the Udon Thani Teacher College and offered four-year Bachelor of Education programs. In 2003, the Rajabhat University Act was officially approved, and a remarkable change has developed according to Thailand's education reform. Faculty of Education answered to the change by renovating its teacher education curriculum and offering a 5-year Bachelor of Education programs. It became one of the Thai teacher training institutes that joined the "new generation" teacher development projects; the project recruited scholars to train for the teaching profession with scholarships awarded and future positions in schools guaranteed.

Faculty of Education offers programs in education in various fields which prepare teachers, administrators, counselors, researchers and analysts for careers in education. The Faculty also provides professional development programs for in-service teachers, educators, and school administrators as well as advances knowledge and development in education through research and innovation.

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